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Almighty Aloe

Summer is in full swing over here and my kids and I are loving all the beach time. And with loads of beach time, comes a ton of sun exposure! Sensitive little ones need all the skin protection they can get - I like to seek shade first and foremost. Also, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Lots of water and seasonal fruit for snacks. But when we've had a full day outside, the after-sun skin treatments play just as big a role as the preventative ones. There's so many great natural remedies for post-sun care and a gentle moisturizer may be all you need. Look for ones containing lavender, chamomile, yarrow, or calendula oils. And let's not forget the almighty Aloe Vera! The plant contains a soothing and cooling gel that eases pain and stimulates skin healing. Here's a great little DIY recipe for post-sun / burned skin:

Lavender and Aloe soothing mist:

- 1/2 cup all natural aloe vera juice.

- 1/2 tsp lavender essential oil.

- 1 tbsp organic apple cider vinegar.

- 1 capsule of vitamin E oil. Pierce the capsule and squeeze its contents into a bowl. Whisk everything together and pour mixture into a small spray bottle. Keep cool in the fridge and shake well before use. Spritz skin as needed!

When it comes to any kind of burns with my kids I always turn to my Aloe plant first, simply because it's so gentle and so effective. Especially for my youngest daughter (Marigold) who's only 13 months old, choosing a remedy that's gentle is what's most important to me.

A few months ago (when it was still a little cold outside), Marigold put both her hands on a gas fireplace while a family member was babysitting. Poor little thing, I was heart-broken to come home to her crying with burned and blistered hands and fingers! So first, I gently cleaned her hands with cool water. My husband cut a plump leaf off my aloe plant, sliced it open, and applied the gel directly to the affected area. We wrapped the burns with gauze and changed her bandages each day and night for a good week, while applying pure aloe each time. Making sure not to break the blisters was also important, to prevent the risk of infection. It was amazing how quickly her hands healed! The blisters dried up and she is back to being a happy, healthy baby. Thank you Aloe! If your small child has a first-degree or small second-degree burn, it can safely be treated at home. Please seek the professional advice of a health care practitioner in the event of a more severe burn.

Do you have experience with using aloe? What are some of your favourite burn remedies?

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